Nell – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Nell is a five year old female medium sized Cross-Breed. She arrived in our care several months ago from the Botosani public shelter in Romania. She had been in there for several years and had learned to keep well back from people. It’s taken a while to gain her trust but Nell is now a quiet and well behaved dog who seeks out fuss from people she knows well. Nell is fostered Norwich Norfolk.

On introduction to new prospective adopters Nell will be shy and suspicious but after a few days and a bit of food/ treat bribery she will quickly start to make friends. Initially Nell was very reluctant to be lead trained but has recently decided that actually walks are quite fun and she’s really beginning to enjoy them. Nell gets on well with other dogs in her foster home but is sometimes quite forward in telling them she doesn’t want to share her bed, thank you. She’s more than happy to share the sofa though!

Nell is a calm and sweet dog once settled but will need an adopter that allows her the time she needs to feel safe before expecting too much back from her. Our adoption fee is £270. The dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless they are too young). If you are interested please message or call between 9am and 6pm.

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