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New Dog Breed Sparks Debate: Does The World Need A Walrus Dog?

Many dog lovers think they know almost every dog breed in existence. However, there are quite a lot of them, so it’s no surprise that one new dog breed has gone unnoticed: the Walrus Dog!

After the surprising reveal of the Walrus Dog, many dog lovers were left wondering if we even need more dog breeds in this world. But once you get to know this special breed, you’ll definitely fall in love with them. They have the charm and personality of your typical companion dog, but they also have the beautiful teeth of a walrus.

The first Walrus Dog was discovered after someone sent in a photo to the popular social media page, We Rate Dogs. The dog looked like a beautiful Golden Retriever with long, orange teeth. But We Rate Dogs wasn’t fooled. They quickly confirmed that this was no ordinary dog, but instead, a dog and walrus hybrid.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

After further consideration, it was discovered that there are many variations of this dog breed. There’s still a lot to learn about them, but there are a few notable traits that have been noticed. For example, some of these dogs are much larger than others.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Some are also much, much smaller. They seem to have all different types of fur colors as well.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Also, their teeth are not always the same. Some have teeth that are thick and rounded.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Others have thin, sharp teeth like a vampire. Don’t worry, they don’t bite.

Image: @QuickTurtle/Facebook

In fact, some of their teeth are even different colors!

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Plus, some have much longer teeth than others.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

They are generally a very lazy, laid-back breed, a lot like a walrus.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

But they’re still very loving and playful.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Therefore, even though they’re a newer breed, they’re good dogs, just like all dogs are.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

There’s almost no way you can dislike this unusual breed after seeing all these adorable photos.

Image: @QuickTurtles/Facebook

Some people refer to a Shar Pei/Basset Hound mix as a Walrus Dog, but that’s not a true Walrus Dog. All the above photos are of the most walrus-like breed of all. After all, why would a Walrus Dog not have tusks?

There are already a lot of dog breeds in this world, but there’s always room for these adorable dogs with tusks! There’s still so much to learn about them, but like any dogs, they deserve loving homes. This incredible breed comes in so many different shapes and sizes, so everyone deserves a Walrus Dog.


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