Nieves – 5 year old female Spanish Mastin

Nieves is a 5 year old female Spanish Mastin. We want to introduce you to this stunning girl called Nieves. She is a Spanish Mastin of about 5 years of age. She was wandering on the streets in Northern Spain when some people took notice of her and called the dog catchers. That’s how she ended up behind bars in the pound there. If you would be able to meet Nieves in person, you would be impressed. Not only because of her size (height 82 cm, 121 cm long, weight: 52kg), but also because of her noble and calm temperament.

She has the typical character of the Mastin and is very balanced. Nevertheless as we don’t have any background information about her we don’t know in which conditions she has been living before and if she knows the basics (e.g. house trained, walk on the lead) or to which things she is already used to. Therefore her new home has to be prepared and able to keep socializing and training her. Mastins are known to be stubborn and can bore easily so her new home needs to be patient and the training must be consistent and firm but gentle.

Nieves is a very good and affectionate girl who perfectly gets along with her other furry cage mates. She wants a relaxed and loving family, confident in their doggie skills. Because of her size we prefer a home without young children and who is experienced with her breed or with large-sized dogs. We don’t know how Nieves would react towards cats, as she hasn’t been and also can’t be tested with them. Nieves isn’t an urban girl and doesn’t like booming voice. She needs a home in a rural area with a nice sized and fenced garden where she can relax in the sun and were she will also get long walks in the nature.

Nieves is ready to travel to her new family as soon as the right place is found. If you want to open the doors of your home to this big darling please get in touch with us.

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