Stanley – 2 year old male Beagle

Stanley is a 2 year old male Beagle. He is currently in the care of HEREFORD AND WORCESTER ANIMAL RESCUE. Gorgeous Stanley is a perfect example of the beagle breed, he’s an excitable little hound who loves to play ‘fetch’ and will quite happily keep himself entertained as long as he has company.

Stanley can be very stubborn and determined once he puts his mind to something but is also very obedient as long as you have his full attention. He knows all basic commands and will happily sit and wait for his food until you says it’s okay to eat it which is amazing as he loves his food! Stanley sadly suffers quite badly from separation anxiety so will need a home where humans are around all of the time and at least 1 other confident (older) resident dog as he needs to be a member of the pack.

The perfect home for Stanley will need previous experience of owning a Beagle/Hound and have the patience and time to help Stanley overcome his insecurities and help build his confidence. Any children would need to be teenage years upwards due to his excitability and anxieties.

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