Susi – 2-3 year old female Hungarian Puli Cross

Susi is a 3 year old, medium size (shoulder height: 47 cm, weight: 16 kg) spayed female puli cross. She was found in the streets in July 2019 and was handed over to the shelter along with her 10 puppies. Her pups already found their forever homes so it is Susi’s turn to follow in their footsteps! Susi is a real character who’s certainly one of a kind! She used to be the dog that no fence can keep inside the shelter and she used to spend her days outside the entrance to meet and greet visitors. She never went far though and always stuck around the premises. Sadly the hunters nearby warned that they will shot any dogs wandering in the area (?) so she had to be enclosed to a secure area and she is not so happy now that she lost her freedom of movement.

Susi is very human centered, a sweet and cuddly bundle of joy! She likes company and doesn’t like being left alone. She is highly intelligent with a creative mind and a beautiful free spirit. She has been tested with cats and she was great with them too. She is getting on well with her doggie mates but does not really need their company for happiness, she would rather stick around her humans most of the time.

She is an absolute sweetheart who deserves a loving home and she would be a real pleasure to live with for the right family. She is definitely not a kennel dog and she clearly shows she does not belong there. She does not get walkies in the shelter and we are unsure about her house training needs since she lives in an outdoor kennel currently.

Susi would be best suited for a family without or with children over 14 who could spend precious time with her and would not leave her alone for long periods of time. She wants to spend time with her humans and be included in family life. She would happily be your partner in your activities and accompany you on adventurous walks whenever you feel like it! She could live with a friendly doggie mate but she would probably be happiest living with her family to care for her only.
As all rescue dogs, she will need love, patience, time and commitment from her adopting family.

Susi is currently in Hungary and can travel to the UK as soon as the right family’s found for her. She comes fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, dewormed, flea and tick treated, with an EU passport and DEFRA approved paperwork.

Adoption is subject to Home Check and Adoption Fee.

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