Tobias – 4 year old male Cross-Breed

Cute, little Tobias is a little, short-coated, tan, mixed-breed, with a bit of Chihuahua in him. He likes other dogs and is an easy-going, friendly, little chap. He’s happy, always pleased to see us, loves the extra food he gets to fatten him up. Loves being cuddled. The lead is a fairly new entity for him so will take a bit of getting used to but he’s quite happy to forage around. Such a lovely little boy.

Poor Tobias came to the shelter with 3 other dogs because they were being neglected. He was painfully thin and very scared. It was about 2 weeks before he came out of hiding and then he decided he liked sleeping in his food box.

So a blanket went in there and that’s where he sleeps. Once Tobias knew no one was going to hurt him, he has transformed into a delightful little chap. He is a such a cute, happy, lively little chap.

Foster Report: Happy and loving, just needs a bit of training to know his boundaries and his walkies regime. Likes the dogs here.

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