Truth and Lies

A dream I want to share

I have a dream of a world where when someone is asked a question, they give an honest, truthful answer. Imagine politics, healthcare, friendships and relationships! They would be completely transformed.🤓❤️🌏

Especially now, most of us are struggling to decipher the difference between a lie and the truth, and the world is a polarized mess! We live in an era of lies, scandals, unlawful surveillance, and conspiracies, which has made our society fall into a state of anxiety, numbness, and depression. 

Our governments, courts, and society spend a big chunk of time deciding who is lying and who is being truthful instead of solving serious problems such as the COVID-19 crisis, hunger, or global warming.

Last week, I posted a suggestion on social media that the reason why we love dogs so much is that they don’t lie. Their delightful honesty is why we love them so much and are willing to forgive their imperfections, such as chewing up our brand new shoes, or stealing a pound of cheese from the counter! 😉 In fact, most of us find it funny, and YouTube viral videos are proof.

I am realistic, and I accept that dreaming of a lie-free world is for now a Utopian vision. We all have been in situations where being truthful is difficult. However, choosing the truth frees up energy that can be better spent on solving problems that are urgent and pressing, such as creating a safer, fairer, and healthier world. 

Before I end, I want to clarify, being truthful is not telling a friend you don't like her dress if she does not ask your opinion. Being truthful is answering questions honestly with empathy and care. After all, anything but the truth takes too much energy to maintain. Lies can be compared to a car stuck in mud. The more lies one spins, the deeper the car wheels get stuck.

The inherent nature of our dogs is to be truthful, and so once again they are our greatest teachers.

from Dr. Dobias Natural Healing - Articles