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You Helped Rico Address His Stubborn Behavior & Find A Forever Home

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iHeartDogs works closely with GreaterGood by donating part of each sale to their various charity efforts. One of the charities, Rescue Bank, works to donate quality dog food to shelters and rescues who are in need. Some organizations could not run without the kind donations from organizations like this, and that’s why your donations are so appreciated.

A spunky Beagle Mix named Rico is one of the many dogs that has benefited from the help of the GreaterGood Rescue Bank. After his behavioral struggles were noted at the Ark Animal Rescue where he was found, he soon made his way to the Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan Rescue to participate in their prison companion training program.

rico gg

Rico was quite difficult when he first arrived in his foster home through the RPSM Rescue. He was extremely stubborn and brought with him many undesirable behavioral traits, making his participation in the prison companion training program so important.

Once Rico began his training at the prison, he soon realized that his naughty ways were no longer acceptable. With plenty of dedication on both the trainer and Rico’s part, Rico was able to graduate from the program and become the well-behaved pup that RPSM always knew he could be.

“RPSM is grateful for the assistance from’s Rescue Bank, as they provide food and treats for the dogs both in foster care and in the prison program. Funds allocated by the rescue for food can then be used for other essentials such as medical care for the dogs and supplies needed by our fosters.”—Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan

Once Rico had a new set of manners to bring to the table, he was ready to find the forever family of his dreams. Soon after his training graduation, Rico was adopted by an older couple that lived in the country.

rico gg

Rico now spends his days running around their large plot of land and soaking up every minute of playtime he can get. Rico received the happy ending he always deserved, and finally knows how it feels to have a family that adores him!

 I just got out of training and went straight to my new home in the country with a huge yard to explore and maybe an occasional rabbit to chase off my land. Thanks to all the RPSM folks, Ark Animal rescue and the inmates at the DOC in Coldwater, MI. for helping me find my family, it really does take a village to get me to where I truly belong. – “Rico” – RPSM 

We’re so happy that Rico had the opportunity to show everyone his true potential. We send our thanks to the team at RPSM  for giving him a second chance at life!

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