A victory for dogs in China 🇨🇳 🐶 🙌🏼

The tides are changing

For years, I have felt a deep sense of helplessness in connection with the welfare of dogs and other animals in China, as it is impossible not to stumble upon images of dogs in meat markets 😢. And while I am fully aware that some of you may prefer not to be reminded about what’s happening over there, avoiding problems rarely solves them.

Today I have fantastic news! Dogs in China have been officially taken off the “livestock” list and moved into the pet category! Some people feel this is the start of a crackdown on the dog trade, and I am hopeful. The cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai have completely banned the consumption of cat and dog meat, and I
hope that other jurisdictions will soon follow.

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One of my goals and dreams has been to help improve the situation in China, and it now seems more realistic. That is why our monthly donation will go to AnimalsAsia.org, an organization that has been tirelessly advocating and lobbying the Chinese government to protect dogs, cats and other animals.
This is also an opportunity to thank those of you who trust and buy our products and inform you that we will be sending $1,730 on your behalf. So far, our total donations have reached $74,480, and our plan is to continue giving!
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