Aby – 8 year old female Shar Pei Cross

Aby is a spectacular 8 year old female Shar Pei cross who until some months ago was living in a home where her owner was abused by her partner. It became an unsustainable situation. The police got involved and removed Aby and her new born puppies from that place and brought them into a pound in Northern Spain.

We do not know how the male owner treated Aby, we are not aware of Aby suffering any direct abuse, but we can imagine the situations she had to witness; the worse home and the worse atmosphere in those eight years. When Aby was left at the pound, she had two 15 days old puppies.

Aby demonstrated to be the best mum in the world, very protective and careful of her little ones. She
took very well care of them and thanks to her they grew up to lovely puppies and had the luck to be adopted some at the beginning of the year. It broke her hard to let them go, but we promised her that like she fought for her babies we were going to fight for her and find her the lovely home she deserves.

Because of her background Aby is at the beginning distrustful forwards new people (especially men), nevertheless as soon as she gains trust she is very affectionate. Her favorite playmate in the boarding kennel is a Galgo, but as soon as she notices that you are there she forgets about the other dog and just has eyes for you, she wants to play with you and get cuddles from you. She loves the company and interaction with people, to play, receive cuddles and give kisses.

Aby gets along with unneutered male dogs but is very selective with female dogs and neutered male dogs, therefore we are looking for a home where she will be the only dog and where she will have all the attention for her. She has been through a lot and the time has come, that someone cares for her.

In the boarding kennel she has already learned to relieve herself when outside. It took some time to become her clean in the kennel, but she got it J. She is a little stubborn when you tell her “this way, this way” but is in general a very good girl.

Aby is currently in a boarding kennel and we don’t have any options to test her with cats or children and are therefore looking for a home without cats or young children. We don’t know how her past has been and what for “bad” experiences she might have had, that’s why we want to find Aby a dog experienced and patient family with a special sensitivity and the commitment to give Aby all the love that she always deserved but was refused to her.

Aby is ready to start a brand new life and to learn that not all humans are mean. Love, patience and commitment are the key for it and if you are the one who want to show Aby the beautiful sides of life don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/2MqYQwt