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Barney – 5 year old male Poodle

Barney is a 5 year old male Poodle. He is an ex stud dog but is pretty confident. He loves people and will need someone home most of the time. He needs to have a confident, playful doggy friend to live with. We feel that a female dog would probably work best.

Barney is housetrained and listens when told things. He is a fast learner. He loves his toys and will “look after” them – tucking them into bed or just making sure they are well placed. He does not guard them. He can be left for short periods but is a dog who likes to be with his people, sitting on their lap or lying close to them.

He sleeps in his own bed in the bedroom currently but may sleep downstairs with another dog. He is good with cats and we will consider homes with children 8 and over. He loves his walks but you will need to watch that he doesn’t chew through his lead if you stop for any reason!

Barney has been with us for several months now as he came to us with a skin problem. We have worked at many different options to stop his itching and although much improved he will likely always be an itchy dog.

We have found that there is medication that will keep the itching under control on a very low dose when it flares up. He will need regular grooming and also regular ear cleaning to help with his skin.

Barney is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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