Bella – 4 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Cross

Bella is a 4 year old female Yorkshire Terrier Cross being fostered in Gloucestershire. She recently came into our care as the family felt she was not being given the life she should be with 4 young children also to look after. She has gone into an adult home with two other dogs where she has now settled and we feel we can give a full profile to help get her the right home.

Bella was very quiet when she came in, she is a timid girl until she gets to know you and you have to give her space until she knows she can trust you. Right from the start she has been fine with the other dogs if anything she ignored them but now, she does play but it took a few weeks.

Bella is now enjoying her walks that took time too as she was not very confident out but now, she is in a routine she gets excited and really enjoys them, she can pull a bit on the lead but otherwise she is a pleasure to walk with no problems. She has not been off the lead yet due to her being spayed recently, but we were told she is good off the lead but will try this once she has her stitches out.

She is a very loving dog and loves to be with you, this also took time but she now has a strong bond with her foster family. She does sleep on the bed and she also did this in her previous home she will not settle otherwise so we would like to find her a home where she is allowed to sleep in the bedroom. She is fine being left for a few hours on her own though if you go out.

Bella is a very sweet girl but can be timid and unsure so whoever takes her on needs to understand that and because of that she has to go to a home with rescue experience who understand the importance of giving her space until she trusts you.

An adult home would suit her best where she can become the centre of their world, she can live with other dogs, she has not been tested with cats but she will chase birds especially pigeons. Her foster family have so enjoyed watching her come out of her shell and relax with them and if they could they would keep her as she is so lovely. So hopefully having read this and you think you are a good match then we look forward to hearing from you. Key points being, adult only home, rescue experienced, letting her sleep-in the bedroom and a message from Bella she wants to be the centre of your world.

Bella is vaccinated, spayed, wormed/flea please email us in the first instance for our questionnaires which will answer our questions about you.

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