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Dog Found Chained To A Dam Learns People Can Be Kind

Sam “the Dam Dog” received his nickname after rescuers found him chained to a dam in Arkansas. The Lab mix was padlocked to a piece of rebar, in water up to his neck. He also suffered multiple broken bones and displaced hips. Still, despite such a horrible history with humans (or rather a history with horrible humans,) Sam somehow learned to forgive.

Rescue organization Nebraska Animal Loving Advocates (NALA) took poor Sam into their care. They speculate that his broken back legs resulted from his attempts to escape the chains. The first broken leg stunted his growth, leaving Sam “a little uneven.” When the young pup grows up a bit, they’ll reassess what to do about his shorter leg.

In spite of all this, Angie Hospodka, founder of Nebraska’s Loving Animal Advocates, told 3NewsNow how floored she is by Sam’s friendliness.

“It blows me away that dogs and cats can be so forgiving because if I was Sam, I would probably try and bite a lot of people if it was up to me.”


Sam Finally Knows Human Kindness

Sam has been living in a foster home in Omaha while he recovers and learns obedience skills. Valerie Blackford found her first ever foster dog in Sam, and she’s so impressed with his behavior.

“I’ve never seen a dog just power through everything he’s been through.”


They enjoy playing fetch together, even if it is with Blackford’s shoes. Since he gives plenty of wags and loves to lounge on the couch with people, you could never tell he survived horrible abuse.


Blackford admitted that though NALA nicknamed him Sam The Dam Dog, she calls him “Lucky.”‘

“He came to me with 2 broken legs, a UTI, and a huge heart! He loves cuddling, squeak toys, and pig ears.”

Look – there’s a reason we heart dogs (so to speak.) They have so much capacity for love and they deserve it right back! Sam (or Lucky depending on who you ask) is finally getting his due.

The High Costs Of Animal Abuse

Though Sam/Lucky is happy and loved now, the costs of his torture continue to add up.

Broken legs and displaced hips are bad enough, but poor Sam had a host of other issues. He had a urinary tract infection, a sore on his back, fleas and ticks, and was also very malnourished.


Hospodka knew right away Sam would need extensive care.

“When we saw his little leg compared to his regular leg, we knew this dog was going to be in for some hardcore medical treatment.”

But obviously medical treatment and surgeries cost a lot. NALA is seeking donations to help cover the expenses for Sam The Dam Dog’s care. They noted on Facebook:

“There is a lot we don’t know about Sam. We don’t know if being chained in water led to his leg being malformed. We don’t know how long he was chained in water. We don’t know who would do such a thing to an animal. We don’t know if Sam’s deformed leg can be saved. What we DO know is that Sam didn’t deserve this, and we will get Sam the care he needs, one way or another.”

Donate here if you’re able! A dog with this big of a heart deserves a lifetime of happiness in good health.

H/T: 3newsnow
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