Honey – 5 year old female Griffon Bruxellois cross Border Terrier

Honey is a 5 year old female Griffon Bruxellois cross Border Terrier. She was originally adopted from another rescue as an 8 week old puppy but has been returned 5 years later due to jealousy issues in the home with the newborn baby. The family have unfortunately not done a great deal of work socialising her with new people or walking her so she has found the transition stressful. The other rescue were not experienced with dogs who were fear reactive and asked us to take her on to find her a home suitable to work with her.

Honey is a typical Terrier, a complete live wire and incredibly sweet little lady when she knows you. She is incredibly nervous with strangers and does hide and can snap if pushed but this is really improving with gentle encouragement and positive reinforcement. Honey has so much character. She enjoys being fussed and loves companionship. If you sit down she jumps onto your lap and begs you to stroke her.

Honey shares her suite with another dog and gets on well with them. She is unphased by dogs and doesn’t have any issues with food, beds or toys. She mingles with lots of different characters without problems. She doesn’t appear to have been walked much but really enjoys being out and sniffing everything. Her recall is doing really well also.

Further work will be needed to get her used to lead walking and to boost her confidence. Walking with another confident small dog may help her realise how much fun it can be.

Honey is incredibly scared at first meets, she can be vocal, problematic and but can hide and doesn’t allow people to touch her. If she is pushed at this stage she can snap. Once she knows you she is all over you. She is a typical under socialised dog who needs an experienced home to combat this. Her behavior has come on leaps and bounds in rescue with other confident social Dogs and positive reinforcement.

She cannot go to a home with young resident and visiting children due to the fact that she is exceptionally fearful and we don’t feel at this stage they will be beneficial to her development. She will take time and patience but we are confident in the right home she will flourish into a wonderful social little lady.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/2NxrInb