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Iker – 15 month old male Cross-Breed

Iker is a 15 month old male Cross-Breed. This gorgeous medium sized boy entered a pound in Northern Spain some weeks ago. We have no information about his past. Some people took notice of him in a village, called the dog catchers and that’s how he ended up in this place.

Iker is a real beauty inside and outside. He is affectionate with people, loves to be around them and get cuddles. The poor boy starts to cry each time he is left alone. He is also social with other dogs. Iker is with his young age still a puppy and therefore also behaves like that. Patience, perseverance and the joy to train and educate a dog are the characteristics which his new family should have.

Iker is a lively boy and would make a great companion for an active person/family who not only can offer him physical, but also mental stimulation. It would be quite good for him to have the support of a canine companion, as he would be able to learn from him/her and also would have a playmate. Iker can’t be tested with cats and therefore we prefer a home without cats.

Iker is looking for a dog experienced person/family who will show him boundaries and can give him the right balance between training/education and funny, playful and relaxing moments. With the right guidance and with a confident owner, he will be an exceptional dog.

Iker is ready to travel to the UK as soon as his forever home is found. We are looking for the best home for him.

If you think that you can offer it please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start the adoption process.

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