Lola and Daisy – 11 year old female Dachshund cross Terriers

Lola and Daisy are adorable 11 year old Dachshund cross Terrier sisters who are in a foster home in Chelmsford, Essex, waiting to find their forever home.

Lola and Daisy love the company of their fosterer’s own dogs and they have fitted into the pack really well. Their foster carer would like them to be rehomed to live with other dogs. There are two cats in their foster home and there have been no problems with Lola and Daisy and the cats.

Grandchildren aged 4 to 8 have visited and Lola and Daisy have been fine with them and love to cuddle up to them. Lola and Daisy love going out for walks, either a road walk or over the local park where they love to run around. They haven’t been let off lead while in foster care but it doesn’t seem that they would do a runner.

Lola and Daisy are very chilled dogs that like to sleep on the sofa or cuddle on your lap. Daisy likes to hide under a cushion or blanket. If the weather is nice they will lie out in garden in the sun. The only thing that their foster carer has found that they are frightened of is balloons.

Lola and Daisy’s ideal home is a quiet, adult or older-teenager home, with plenty of time for cuddles and with other dogs for company. They are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have been wormed and flea-treated. Lola is fit and healthy at the moment. Daisy has had mammary tumours removed which were tested and she has sadly been diagnosed with high-grade cancer.

Daisy is fine in herself at this time and is loving life, but her new owners will obviously need to be happy to take on a dog with a terminal illness and be determined to give her the very best life possible for her remaining time.

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