Nena – 2 year old female Spanish Mastin

Beautiful, young Nena is a large 2 year old female Spanish Mastin with lovely fawn and white markings on her short, soft coat. She is 100% gentle giant: with children she is lovely, with cats and other dogs she could not be better. We think that

Nena must have had a home at one time because she is very relaxed in her foster home. She is very social, loves fuss attention and company. She is extremely good with children, she spends a lot of time in the company of a 10 year old girl. She is good with other dogs large and small and is happy with cats. She enjoys walking and she walks well on a lead.

When she was rescued, after a whole year of trying to catch her, she let the lady help her into a car and sat there looking around casually taking everything in. Poor girl was very thin but now totally recovered, and enjoying her new life in a foster home – safe at last She is healthy and is approximately just about 2 years old. She is calm, friendly with everything. Happy to be saved!

Current location is in a foster home in Spain can travel to the UK at end of July.

Adoption Fee : £425– to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account.

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