Pecas – 3 year old female Cross-Breed

Pecas is a 3 year old female Cross-Breed. She is a lovely small-medium sized Cross-Breed who arrived a short time ago in a pound in Northern Spain. Like most of the dogs which end up in the pound she was wandering on the streets without any mark or a microchip. Some might think “lucky girl”, at least she hasn’t been overrun by a car, but a life locked up behind bars and in overwhelmed cages can become from one second to the other even more dangerous.

Pecas tries not to call the attention as she knows that she would lose out. She is a very good girl. At the beginning she is a little shy, as she doesn’t know what might happen to her, but she is always wagging her tail and as soon as she gains trust her posture changes and she shows her affectionate nature. She is a social girl and lovely with people. Pecas also gets perfectly along with the dogs she shares the cage with.

We don’t know how she would behave towards cats or children as she can’t be tested with them and also don’t have any information about her background, don’t know if she has every lived in a home environment or if she is house trained and knows how to walk on he leash. Her new home has to be able to deal with this “uncertainty” and be prepared to start from the beginning and train and educate her.

We are looking for a patient and dog experienced home who will spoil her with attention and love, but also show her boundaries. Pecas would be ideal for a young or middle aged person/couple/family who enjoys walks in the woods or nature. She would benefit from having a further dog companion at home or be able to have social dog friends when out on walks. A home with access to a nice sized garden were she can have some funny and playful moments would also be a bonus.

Pecas is ready and able to travel to her new home as soon as it comes forward. If you want to increase the family with Pecas’s addition don’t hesitate and get in touch with us.

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