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Poppy – 7 month old female Patterdale Terrier Cross

Poppy is a 7 month old female Patterdale Terrier Cross being fostered in Gloucestershire. Please read her advert carefully and only apply if you are a good match that way, we do not continue to upset the type of people that continue to apply for any dog that gets put up for adoption because they look cute.

Poppy had been brought up in a family home with young children things changed as they have for a lot of families over recent months. It was planned Poppy was going to go to work with her owner but the job changed and he was unable to take her. She spent more time at home with the family, as she has grown, she was just found basically not suitable to be with young kids. She is an independent little dog and with children this young who wanted a dog they can play and tried to pick her up she started to snap and growl at them to stay away from her. She is now in our care now in an adult home with two dogs one young and one older. So, a little about Poppy and her time with us.

Poppy first of all is a puppy and she is also a Patterdale – they are not the easier’s of Terriers and are not for the faint hearted. She has settled in well in her home and gets on well with the two dogs, the younger one and her play a lot. She is clean in the house and sleeps in her crate at night in the lounge. She is fine being left for short periods but will shout initially then settle. In the home she is not what you call a cuddly dog she tends to go off and do her thing like chewing a toy or playing etc with her toys unless you are doing something then she is there as she is very nosey.

Walkies is time is a time of high excitement for Poppy she adores her walks and goes crazy when she sees the lead. Once out she pulls, we are working on this but to begin with she can be on two legs, she also when she see’s cars wants to chase them, she does not bark. Off the lead her recall is mostly good although if she’s another person or dog she will want to go over and say hello but then will come back. So lots of things her foster home is working with. She is exactly what she should be at her age an inquisitive little monkey who is in to everything, wants to do what you are doing whether in the home or out in the garden.

Poppy needs more training but everything is there she is very sweet and still young and if we get the right home she will be set for life if we get it wrong she could end up a problem dog so we will not take any chances she is only a baby and with the right guidance she is going to be a smashing little dog.

You need to have Patterdale experience or similar, active home in the country with plenty going on, no children for obvious reasons but we feel she would be fine with teenagers. She is not going to be suitable for a working home and quick walk around the park – these dogs are free little sprits at times and need a suitable environment and lifestyle which suits them. She has met other dogs and cats – she was okay with the cat but I think the jury is out on how annoying she could be with a cat as she got more confident.

This is a very chilled cat very used to dogs. So please only apply if you can give this little girl what she needs which is experience, consistency, right environment, training and lots of love for the rest of her life.

Poppy is fully vaccinated, chipped, flea/wormed.

from Dogs for Adoption – dogsblog.com https://bit.ly/380ysmA

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