Stanley – 2-3 year old male Cross-Breed

Stanley is a 2-3 year old male Cross-Breed. He was rescued in Cyprus and has flown to the UK to help him in his search for his forever home. He is currently living in Bedford. Here is a little about him: Stan is an active handsome boy who weighs around 28 kg and is about 54 cm tall. Stan is very sweet and has so much love to give. He needs lots of cuddles and assurance. Sadly, he is a nervous boy and can be wary of some men.

He is currently living with his foster family, who consist of two adults, one male and one female, and three other dogs. Since meeting his foster family he has shown only love and a need for attention. He has however shown signs of guarding when distressed and alone with unfamiliar people, and any prospective family must be aware of this and prepared to help Stan settle. This is likely due to past trauma and mistreatment.

Stanley loves walks and to be outside but can become distressed when he sees other dogs. He is playful and excitable when he meets them, and just needs patience and training to build his confidence. Aside from Stan’s nerves, he is an incredibly lovely boy, and usually warms quickly to any new people and animals that he meets. He is big and floppy, and often doesn’t realise just how big he is! He will try and squeeze himself into the smallest of gaps just for a cuddle.

Stan has the potential to be good on the lead, with training and patience. He seems to get nervous when he sees other dogs and is also wary of bicycles and pushchairs. Stan loves to please, and with routine, praise and rewards he will soon learn that he doesn’t need to be scared. Stan is good with his food. He loves to sit in the kitchen and watch his human cook and will wait patiently for his dinner.

Stan loves other dogs. Whilst he can be nervous when he sees other dogs from a distance, but when he meets them, he just wants to play. Stan needs a home with at least one other dog, as this seems to help build his confidence. Stan can be tentative with new men, but with patience, training and close supervision he will learn that he is safe. In view of his size and nervousness, we want a child free home for Stan. Stan has not lived with cats or other small furry animals and we suspect given the hound in him he may not be happy to share his new home with them.

Stan is housetrained. He sleeps well through the night. He loves to sleep close to his foster family as this gives him comfort, but he is a clever boy and will soon learn to sleep where his new family would like him to. Stan doesn’t like it when his humans leave and will cry for a little while. When Stan’s foster family have left him alone for any period of time, he has been very good though, and seems to just sleep once he has settled.

Stan is looking for his new special human to be prepared to take time to help him settle – he seems to be more wary of men who are wary of him so his human needs to be confident around Stan and help him realise there is nothing to worry about!

Stan is looking for a home with a quiet couple or individual, with another friendly dog or dogs (and no children) who will have some free time to dedicate to building Stan’s confidence, and someone able to work from home or be home most of the time. Experience of caring for dogs with a history of trauma would be ideal and who also have a safe secure garden for him to run free and play in.

We have no doubt that with a little more support and patience Stan has the potential to become a terrific family pet. If you are interested in Stan, please contact us and if messaging please give your best contact number so that we can call you.

He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. The minimum adoption donation for Stan is £300.

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