Trixie – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

Trixie is a 1 year old small to medium sized Cross-Breed. Her mum was picked up from a field just hours before giving birth. The pups grew to sixteen weeks old and then came to the UK to find new homes. All were adopted but some quickly showed issues of being dominant in the home. We are not sure the cause of this, mum is a very placid sweet girl so perhaps she was not so good at correcting any bad behaviour in their early days. Trixie is fostered near Norwich.

Trixie was returned to us as her adopters felt they were not experienced enough or the right environment for her to progress. Trixie has been back in a safe rescue foster home and is doing brilliantly in a pack environment. The home we are looking for for Trixie is someone experienced with basic training at least. She responds beautifully to authority and is drawn to people who she knows where she stands with. An older sensible and authoratitive dog in the home would be hugely beneficial and a small pack maybe even more so.

Trixie is a sweet and affectionate girl who will test boundaries in the early days in her new home. She is an intelligent dog who gets the measure of people very quickly. Trixie would do very well in an agility home where her intellect can be channeled into something challenging.

We are looking for an adult home for Trixie, she has not been tested with cats but could be if required. Homecheck procedure and a £250 adoption fee will apply.

*Update June 2020*

Despite her tender age Trixie has already been adopted from us and returned to us twice! In her multi dog foster home she is an absolute angel who loves all household members and behaves perfectly. Once adopted however Trixie displays signs of bullying and dominance towards people in the household and can appear quite aggressive. With people who are naturally authoritative and very dog savvy she doesn’t appear to try this but with most people she will begin the behaviour after a few days and it will escalate over the next days.

Despite being a fairly small dog who looks like better wouldn’t melt most of the time Trixie is intimidating in most normal home environments and we are thinking that maybe a multi dog household with an already established hierarchy is the only way she will settle in as the dog we know and love here. Her three siblings have similar traits but have been rehomed in very active and dog savvy homes and are doing very well now.

Trixie needs an adult home and has not been cat tested. Our adoption fee is £270. She is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

If you are interested please message or call between 9am and 6pm.

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