10 Dog Treats With Unusual Ingredients

If you are looking for something different to give your dog as a special treat, or you are trying to work around allergies, these treats with unusual ingredients are just the thing for you. Know of some other treats with unusual ingredients? Tell us in the comments!

#1 – Dogs Love Kale

These dog treats are made from, you guessed it, Kale! Kale is full of antioxidants and vitamins and dogs love the crunch of these USA made treats. They come in a few different flavors, all with limited ingredients which are great for dogs with allergies.

Image source: Dogslovekale.com
Image source: Dogslovekale.com

#2 – SPIKE Treats

Brand new from Petcurean, these treats aren’t on the market yet, but they will be by October 2015. One of their flavors is catfish, not something seen in many dog treats but great for those dogs with protein sensitives/allergies. The jerky treats are gluten and grain-free and contain other superfoods such as chia, pomegranate (another unusual ingredient!) and kale.

Image source: Petcurean.com
Image source: Petcurean.com

#3 – Walk About Treats Goat Jerky

The Walk About Treats come in a few flavors, including grain-free goat jerky. These are another good option for dogs with allergies/sensitivities to proteins, or if you are looking for something different to feed your dog.

Image source: Petsmart.com
Image source: Petsmart.com

#4 – Coq Au Vin

Le Petit Treats are a cute, fun treat with amazingly good ingredients! Their Coq Au Vin recipe includes beets (which give the cookie a cute pink appearance!). Beets are full of antioxidants and vitamins. My dogs have tasted these cookies and loved them!

Image source: Petit-treat.com
Image source: Petit-treat.com

#5 – Louisiana Alligator Dog Biscuits

These treats are free from wheat, corn, soy and have no artificial ingredients. And, of course, they are made with Alligator!

Image source: Amazon.com

#6 – Beer Biscuits

These treats from Portland Pet Food are made with spent grain – a byproduct of the beer brewing process. During brewing, the sugars are extracted from the grain and then it’s typically thrown away. However, the grain is still safe and completely consumable so this company decided to turn it into a dog treat! These treats have limited ingredients and they make a flavor with no animal protein. They are sourced locally and made in Portland, Oregon.

Image source: PortlandPetfoodcompany.com

#7 – Meaty Bites Wild Brushtail

These treats by Addiction are made in New Zealand from New Zealand Brushtail. What’s a brushtail? (don’t be embarrassed – we had to look it up too). It’s a type of a cat-sized marsupial (non-indigenous to N.Z.) that is part of the possum family.

Image source: AddictionFoods.com
Image source: AddictionFoods.com

#8 – Greek Yogurt Coconut Dog Treats

We all know dogs love yogurt, and these treats from Fruitables mix yogurt with the unique flavor of coconut are for a dog who is looking for a sweet treat.

#9 – LickORish

These treats not only have strawberries in them, which you don’t see often, but it’s combined with salmon for a truly unusual taste for your dog. Sound gross? My dogs LOVE them. And they are not only made in the USA, but the ingredients are sourced from here as well.

Image: ExclusivelyPet.com

#10 – Emunity Treats

As the name implies, these treats are made with Emu. Why? According to the company, emu is low in fat and high in protein, is a “lean protein source,” and most dogs are not allergic to it. Their emu is free-range and the treats are sourced and made in the USA.

Image source: emunitytreats.com Image source: emunitytreats.com

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