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Adem – 2 month old male German Shepherd Cross

Adem is a 2 month old male German Shepherd Cross. The story of Adem and his other 4 siblings is the story of a mum who fought for her babies and kept them alive until she was too weak to protect them. Adem, his siblings and his mum were seen a few times in a large field with bushes next to a high frequent country road in Northern Spain. The pound workers went there a few times to catch them, but it was impossible.

The mum hide very well and was so deep in the field inside that the workers of the pound couldn’t reach them. With the time the puppies grew up and also their curiosity became bigger and they started to walk and discover their surroundings. The mum was too weak to keep them together and it happened that the last time the workers of the pound went there, they were able to take the puppies with them, but without their mum. That’s the story of how five puppies with 1.5 months of age ended up defenseless in the pound.

When we took notice of them, we knew that they wouldn’t least there for long because of the bad conditions which exists there, but thanks to people who know us and support us we were able to get them into a paid boarding kennel in Spain were they are currently caring very well for them and were they will be able to stay until their forever homes comes forward.

Adem and his siblings are currently enjoying the funny and lovely moments, making mischief and growing to happy and carefree puppies. The father is unknown, but his mother was a pure German Shepherd and therefore Adem will become a large sized dog when full grown. Like typical for his breed he is becoming a young super bright and intelligent boy. He therefore absolutely requires experience with complex breeds.

Adem is a dog who at his young age will need guidance and support to develop into a well adjusted youngster and adult. In the right environment and with the right experience, he has the making of a star. But as is the case with intelligent dogs, the opposite is true too. He could become guarding and protective of his home and people if he feels his person needs protecting and lacks confidence.

Adem loves being outside and is very energetic, he will need an active family who will be able to offer him a variety of outdoor pursuits to build his confidence and to keep his working dog brain engaged. He loves playing with toys and his siblings and once he knows you he is a cuddly, excitable pup.

We are looking for an adult only home, as we want dogs who require more time like himself to be the priority. We are also looking for stability, maturity and solid experience with complex breeds. (Collies/shepherds/eskimos etc…). We are looking for people who are into their outdoors, go on different adventures at the weekends for example and generally want to explore the world with their dog(s).

Murat needs to have a good routine as well and we feel that the support of a playful companion would be a very good thing for him too although not a necessity, as long as he has opportunities to socialise. He has a very energetic play style so it would need to be a dog with similar play style and energy level.

Adem is currently in Spain and too young to travel abroad. But as soon as the right family/person comes forward he could join his family in September when he becomes old enough to travel.

If you have the time, love, stability and the commitment that his upbringing requires and think that Adem would be the perfect addition to your family, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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