Bella – 7 year old female French Bulldog

Bella is a 7 year old female French Bulldog. She came into our care as she was becoming intolerant around the young children in the home. When Bella first arrived with us she needed to be sedated in order to have her ears investigated as they were very sore and full of scar tissue. This is an issue that appears to have been ongoing for several years and has now resulted in one of Bella’s ears being permanently bent backwards.

Bella also had some x-rays taken and although her conformation is not great she currently does not suffer with any mobility issues, however this may change as she ages and she may be prone to developing arthritis in the future.

Bella was very scared to find herself in rescue and it did take her a few days to come out of her shell but her sweet, playful character soon began to shine through. She is particularly very fond of the female members of staff here and is very affectionate and loving towards them. She does appear to be wary of men and has displayed some reactivity towards strangers visiting her previous home.

We are therefore looking for an experienced home for Bella, ideally female only with little commotion and few visitors. Whilst Bella’s intolerance of the children in her previous home could have been due to the discomfort she was in with her ears we will be looking for a home for her where any children are aged 16+.

Bella has lived with another dog but did show some possessive behaviour around food, therefore if she is to live with another dog her new owner must be prepared to spend several week integrating them and follow all advice given.

Anyone wishing to adopt Bella must be prepared to travel to and from the rescue at least 1-2 times a week in order to form a bond with her before adoption. The whole process could take several weeks so please do consider your location and only apply if you are willing and able to do this.

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