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Blair – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Blair is a 5 year old female Cross-Breed. We met Blair on our trip to the Botosani public shelter in Romania back in March. He was a savage little ball of matted fur who had learnt to pass the boring days in captivity by ruining at the bars of the cage looking menacing.

Despite this display of naughtiness we decided to take a chance on him as we have seen over and over again that the behaviour they display in shelters is not how they are in “real life”. I’m thankful during every moment I spend with him that we took that chance because he is nothing at all like the boy they nicknamed “angry mop” now that he’s here. Blair fostered near Norwich Norfolk.

What a journey it’s been since he arrived here two weeks ago! We quickly noticed he wasn’t weight bearing on one of his hind legs, something that had not been noticeable at all in the raging and matted version of him at the shelter. By day two in his foster home he was at the vets. Due to social distancing we couldn’t go into the surgery with him but the vet came out of the initial examination shaking his head.

Even without X-ray and just by physical examination he could tell something was very wrong with the knee. They kept him in that day to X-ray under sedation, when we went to collect him they showed us the X-ray and the break in that leg was catastrophic. We didn’t take him home with us that day, he was given pain relief and kept overnight for the shattered limb to be removed the next day.

So, by the end of day three in his UK foster home, poor Blair was minus a leg. When we collected him the vet that did the op told us that the break was the worst she’s ever seen and that poor Blair must have been in so much pain for a long time. The impact that caused that break had to have been something extremely heavy such as a car so there’s every chance that it happened before the years he’d spent in incarceration.

During all of this the “angry mop” was nothing but a gentleman. He left his anger far away in Romania and is fact a meek little boy who is timid to be touched but will relax and enjoy a fuss once he knows you. He’s learning to adapt to life on three legs, he hadn’t really used the limb much before but still seems to be adjusting to the loss of the weight of it and realigning his balance.

There are times in rescue that things get really tough and you ask yourself if you can carry on, and then there are cases like Blair that make you realise you can never stop. The resilience that these abused dogs display is nothing short of incredible. The pain they mask and the suffering they endure and yet they still come out the other end so very worthy of love and a home.

This write up has been long but this is a story that anyone who applies to adopt this little dog needs to be aware of. He’s cute and fluffy and the phone will ring non stop for him but he’s only going somewhere that we are sure understands what he’s been through. He needs a quiet home preferable with another quiet dog. He will need to build up his exercise regime to enjoy longer walks. He needs a home with no young children and has not yet been cat tested. He’s still nervous of people and anyone taking him will need to understand they will need to spend the first few days and weeks with him building up his trust, he has every reason to be wary!

Our adoption fee is £270, they are vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (unless the dog is too young to be neutered). If you are interested please message or call between 9am to 5pm Mon – Fri 9am to 4pm Sat.

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