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Bobbi – 1-2 year old male Cockapoo

My name is Bobbi, I am 1-2 year old male Cockapoo. I am going to tell you my story warts and all to see if I have more sucess trying to find me the right match as I think my foster mum’s first write up was not very clear. It’s a long story I am afraid but will try and make it as straight forward as I can.

I was born in what I now know was a puppy farm – lots of dogs are sold where I came from all with that designer Doodle name mentioned in their breed to the people can get more money for us.

I was sold to a family of 4 – from what my foster mum and I can piece together I was always a bit nervous and was thrown into the busy noisy family and I suppose looking back I always struggled with it – everyone was different and I was pulled around a lot – there was a lot of rough play, no training or socialisation, everyone had different rules for so as I started to grow up that is when the problems started – when I was scared before and put up with it – I then started to growl to warn people to stay away – I used to pace and pant a lot in the house and nobody picked up why.

Nobody listened to my growling or seem to understand when I was upset or scared – I was only truly relaxed when the children were in bed. Because of the growling I used to be sent to my crate a lot – I think really things just got worse and worse – I was not happy and they were not happy with me – I had left my cute puppyhood by then – my coat was getting tangled and matted and when they try to comb me it was so bad by this point it hurt and I would not let them as I had now learnt growling meant people stayed away from me mostly!

The turning point came the day I actually bit my mum – I think I was working up to this and it was only a matter of time before this happened. They then decided because of the children in the house they wanted to get rid of me.
COVID STRUCK and things got a lot worse, – I was shut in the house 24/7 everyone was there all the time and they were scared of me by then so most of the time I was in my crate. I bite again when they tried to muzzle me to bath me. They tried to get me a place in a rescue but because of the bite incident nobody wanted to know and I was due to be put down if nobody was found.

So that was my past story – Starfish agreed to take me – they heard my story and wanted to give me a chance – they are only a small rescue, foster home based and hoped by just even giving me somewhere safe to be while somewhere more suitable was found as it was looking very likely I was going to be killed.

What Starfish did not realise was how damaged I actually was – how afraid, untrusting, anxious – my coat was in such a terrible state it was just one big matt on my body – when my I was picked up and put in the Starfish Van in a crate – when they tried to get me out I went mad – I was so terrified and I know i looked very scary all the noise and growling I did and the state of my coat it was a worrying day for them. They took me straight to their vets – they wanted my coat off and me checked over for ear infections etc and I had to be knocked out by this point I was beside myself. When I came round, I was taken home by my foster mum and left in a quiet area of the house, I had my own room and run at the side.

For 3 days my foster mum would feed me and talk to me softly, for 3 days I growled and hid from her. I did slowly work it out that she was ok – I slowly started to trust her and the growling stopped. One day she came in and put a lead softly around me and took me out for a walk – over the next week we did this everyday twice a day – no demands just quiet walks then back to my quiet area. Gradually now I have built up a real bond with her and I trust her now – things have changed so much in the last 3 weeks – I am happy to be her with, go out in the car, go out on walks – I love my walks and runs she takes me on – I have even learnt to swim. You can see my videos and progress – and on our facebook page my foster mum has done a daily blog on me and my progress if you want to look.

I have met the other dogs in the house but I am very over the top with the young dog and he is with me and we are not a good combination – the two older dogs are boring and its fine. There are two cats and I am afraid I would like to chase them. The other problem is there are two other adults home from University as well as a husband and it’s too much for me – its take me weeks to trust Aunty Gilly and everything else in this busy house overwhelms me – so I stay in my own room and garden with regular visits and walks – I am happy with that – its peaceful and not stressful and just what I needed.

Every morning I wear my nervous coat and go out for walks around the village or I go running with my foster mum – I see lots of dogs and people – I get a bit worried at times but only because I have never really done stuff like this but I get more confident. In the evening I go for a long run in the countryside – its a remote walk and I can run safely for miles – I love this walk and when I am at most relaxed with just me and my foster mum. I travel in the car now too with no problems.

But my foster mum is worried – I am happy but she isn’t for the simple reason she said I need to progress and with the right person and right environment I will , she said it’s not right I live like this – I may be happy but she said it’s a big world out there with lots of opportunities for a bright boy like me and with the right person to guide me through I will get there.

I know not many people will want me or they will want me for the wrong reasons for what I look like – but my foster mum said out there is a special person who will be perfect for me. That person will have met dogs like me before – will understand it’s not my fault, will understand to take things slowly and will understand when it’s the right time for me to move forward.

I would rather one person it will be so much easier for me, if you have a lovely garden that would be idea I love being in the garden, I amuse myself while keeping an eye on you – I love my country walks and would like to continue my swimming lessons as I love the water. If I had not got to tick lots of boxes to fit into your home then the pressure is off me and you.

I can seem complicated but if you understand dogs I will not be if you are the right environment – the huge responsibility here is for it to be right – there is no point in feeling sorry for me – what I need is that one in a million person who wants a dog that deserves a chance and will work with me and understand how dogs minds work and get me to put it behind me and continue to move forward.

Please see our facebook page starfish dog rescue for more videos and stories of Bobbi’s progression.

I really look forward to hearing from you i know that special person will see this and can give me what I need and in return I will be the best friend you ever had if you give me that chance.

I am neutered now, vaccinated, chipped. 

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