Caramelo – 9 month old male Podenco Orito

Caramelo is a 9 month old male Podenco Orito. He is in a refuge in Spain until he has a home to go to. He is 6kg at the moment and he is 9 months old. We think he will be around 10kg as a fully grown adult. He has a beautiful brown and gold coloured coat, and has amazing eyes.

We do not know his history, but he entered our rescuers care on 3 July, having been found on the side of the road, lost and disorientated, and did not have a microchip or collar.

Caramelo is a happy, playful boy and deserves a wonderful family to call his own. He is thoroughly socialised with all kinds of doggies. He will need to be socialised with as many adults and children as possible. He needs to become used to a wide range of events, environments and situations.

Any resident children need to be dog savvy and over 6 years old. As with all rescue dogs, he will need time, patience, love and commitment from his adopting family.

Podenco’s are hunting dogs and they are one of the most abused breeds in the world, yet they are the sweetest gentlest dogs. They are intelligent and lively dogs who require plenty of exercise and stimulation. You must be prepared to put in lots of time and training with them for recall. They are very loving and gentle with people and good with other dogs.

Neutered, vaccinated, blood tested, microchipped, and has a passport. All our Spanish dogs travel from Southern Spain to the UK on DEFRA approved transport to your door.

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