The 10 Dog Breeds That Shed The Least

Dexy – 18 month old female Pointer Cross

Dexy is a 18 month old female Pointer Cross. Beautiful Dexy is a medium sized, young girl, about 20kg, and sort of like a slim pointer. She is active, intelligent and quite independent. She is very happy with other dogs and with children and female visitors but finds male visitors intimidating and will not welcome them in the house. For this reason she is being returned to us to find a new home that can work with her anxiety towards male strangers, even though she likes her male owner.

Dexy came from Portugal as a puppy and shes been here now about 12 months. She was doing well, until her anxiety for strangers grew recently. She is a beautiful, loyal girl. Lively on lead but great behaviour in the house (though she does bark at the doorbell) and when walking on the lead.

Dexy loves other dogs. She is very playful, but is getting much better at picking up on signals when other dogs don’t want to play with her. She has spents lots of short days (5 hour sessions) at doggy day care and they confirm she has never shown signs of aggression, but plays for a lot of the time, then takes herself off to sleep.We strongly believe that Dexy is an amazing companion, great fun with lots of love to give. She needs a firm owner who can help to train and understand her, and probably a home without small children as she likes to play rough. Experienced owners only and perhaps with another dog.

Foster Report : Dexy is fully housetrained and never has toilet accidents inside. She actually likes to poop right in the far corner of the garden, pretty much the same spot every time (quite helpful really)! On a walk, she likes to go for a wee or poop on grass, rather than the pavement.

Dexy can respond to her name, ‘sit’, ‘paw’, ‘come’ (when at or around the home), ‘leave it’ (when training at home, not always when out and about)!, ‘down’ (to lie down) ‘jump’ (if you hold your arm out with a treat, she will jump and then enjoy a fuss with paws on on your chest). Her main training need we think is recall. She is very scent/prey oriented so will chase squirrels and rabbits (and has caught a couple).

Dexy can play fetch, but can take a bit of persuading. She loves tug but she is very strong and can get over-excited. She loves cuddly toys, especially with squeakers but they just don’t last with her.

Dexy loves her walks, and recognises the term ‘Walk’ (or ‘Walkies’). She walks nicely on the lead, greets other dogs nicely, seems to freeze when she sees a cat, and can be strong/pull towards a squirrel or rabbit or just a smell that she loves. Current location is in a foster home in Solihull, West Midlands. Adoption Fee: £180

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