The 10 Dog Breeds That Shed The Least

Edna – 10 year old female English Bull Terrier

Edna is a 10 year old female English Bull Terrier. She has had a rotten life, used, abused and then dumped as a bag of bones. With good care by her rescuer in Romania Edna was nursed back to health and we now want someone to spoil her rotten to the end of her days.

Edna is around 10 years old and doesn’t seem to have been left with any mental scars, she loves everyone. She has been excellent in foster care here, living with 2 other dogs and thoroughly enjoying life here, quite partial to sitting on a lap!

Edna is fully housetrained, is now on walks which she enjoys but she can be a bit strong on the lead and also a bit stubborn, when she’s had enough she will just sit down until she’s ready to move again.

Edna spends most of the morning snoozing but enjoys the afternoon playing in the garden and going for her bit of exercise.

Edna really is a very easy dog and she will make someone who leads a fairly quiet life the most loving companion. Edna is currently residing in Corsham, Wilts.

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