How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Pop Art

Furia – 8 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer

Furia is a handsome 8 year old male German Short-Haired Pointer. He arrived recently at AELA, he was initially extremely wary but he is improving little by little, he loves going out into the enclosure and he is very clean in his kennel.

Furia is sociable with male and female dogs, and comes when you call within the confines of the shelter, it would no doubt be different in an open field and judging by the videos he loves playing with a ball.

Furia is sharing a kennel with Jade and they get on very well. Furia was rescued from a shelter in Seville, which is further south, he will now be tested for leish, the results will be back soon but this is a leish area, so we would advise regular testing.

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