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Jolie and Noel – 2 year old female and 7 month old male Cross-Breeds

This sweet couple are Jolie, a female Cross-Breed of 2 years and Noel, a male Cross-Breed of 7 months of age. Some days ago, we rescued this mum and her puppy that were in deplorable conditions. She lived tied up permanently to a dog house with a small chain, day after day. When we found out that their owners did not want to keep them, we decided to help and rescue them. Both the mum and the puppy did not deserve such a bad life or being given to a family that would not take proper care of them.

Jolie is 2 years old, she has possibly been used for hunting, what means that the person or family that adopts her will have to be careful during the daily walks so that Jolie does not get lost searching for rabbit, deer or other animal’s scents. It depends on how she was trained in the past; although we know from our own experience that the hunting dogs adore living in a home, one just has to be cautious with them when walking them in the forests.

Once Jolie and Noel find their forever home, everything will be new for them. They have never been to the beach or to the park, they have never walked in the streets of a city, neither they have slept in a comfy bed next to a chimney or next to their human. Nevertheless both a very young and have a lot to learn and to give to the right person.

Noel and Jolie are very bonded to each other and therefore we are looking for common home.
Jolie is a very sweet girl and an attention seeking dog. She is affectionate and loves to get cuddles. Noel is distrustful and frightened of people. It’s obvious that he has had very little human contact so far as he has snapped a few times at the lady who runs the boarding kennel, when she tried to lift him up or catch him. She has already worked with him on that and since he is in the boarding kennel he has also improved, nevertheless he will need much more work on that. He needs to gain confidence and keep socializing with people.

Noel is an insecure puppy who has a lot to learn, that is why we are looking for a family or adopter that has experience with puppies. A home that will respect his timings and know how to educate him. Someone that understands that a puppy chews things, that a puppy can go to the toilet at anytime and anywhere. Noel needs a lot of love but also boundaries until the routines are learnt. He is at the age of learning and it is the responsibility of the adopters to complete his education and socialization process.

Jolie and Noel have been vaccinated, dewormed and tested to Leishmaniosis (results are negative). As soon as we have an appointment at the vet, both will be neutered. Noel and Jolie are fine with other dogs. They need an active and dog experienced home, who has the time, patient and commitment to work with them and make them forget the bad experiences they have had. We are looking for a home without cats (as not cat tested) and young children.

Jolie and Noel are currently in a boarding kennel in Northern Spain, but ready to travel to UK as soon as their forever home comes forward.

If you want to offer a home to this inseparable couple please get in touch with us.

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