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Minnie – 5 year old female Chihuahua cross Papillon

Minnie originally came into rescue due to the tragic death of her owner. She lived her whole life with 2 other dogs who she did well with. She was adopted a few months ago but had to be returned to our care due to problems with the resident and visiting dogs. It would appear that despite spending many years in the company of dogs harmoniously, Minnie has decided that now it is all about her and wants to be the centre of someone’s world. Because of this we are looking for a dog free home for this diva!

Minnie is incredibly affectionate and very excited to meet new people. Shes very smart and responds to things very well but currently getting her to sit calmly for 2 seconds is an Olympic sport. Puppy training classes and clicker training would benefit her highly. Minnie loves children and will run up to them for a fuss, wagging her whole body. we are happy to accept applications from households with children ages 7+.

Minnie loves her walks – at least an hour in the morning, about 30 mins later in the day, and lots of field zoomies and pottering in between. To begin with, she would bark constantly in the garden (hedgehogs? she certainly loved to roll in their poo, neighbours working in their gardens etc). Now we say ‘no barking’ as she heads down towards the woods, and she is usually quiet, just enjoying snuffling and exploring. Her recall is pretty good, although we’ve only tried her off lead in an enclosed secure field, she is SO fast, if she spotted a squirrel, pigeon or cat (her mortal enemies) when we were out and about, we would never be able to catch her. Further work will be needed with the use of a longline and some very high value treats before she can be let off in a public area .

On that subject, she runs like a greyhound, is really limber, and learns (some things!) really quickly – she would be great at agility. She is fine on walks meeting other dogs if she and I both see the dog at the same time, I use the clicker, she gets a treat and on we go. She is learning that other dogs are a good thing, but if they try to get close, or if we come upon one suddenly, she just loses it. Being in lockdown has meant we haven’t been able to carry out step by step getting closer, so it may be that she could cope with it eventually with further training.

She is clean in the house, sleeps really well in her crate, and her appetite is good. She is very vocal and reactive if anyone comes near or into the house or garden – I think this is at least partly fear of the unknown (not many visitors in lockdown) so with further positive exposure it should get better. She is confident to greet people and settles down quickly when she realizes there is no danger. She will also quieten down if she is picked up, however we are trying not to reinforce the behavior by doing this. In the house she can be a total snugglebug – loves to curl up on the sofa with us or on a lap, (or, if I’m honest, diving under the duvet), the closer the better. She has a cheeky side, and is very intelligent.

For instance, she sprints down into the garden, finds an unripe apple, some crusty hedgehog poo, or some cherries that have dropped off the trees, then sprints back with it, chortling, and stands where the treats are kept, knowing (we think) that we don’t want her to eat what she’s got (which, believe me, she will – cast-iron stomach) and refusing to let go until we swap it for a liver treat. She really does have the most wonderful character and is such a clown. When Minnie arrived we thought she had some mammary lumps however these proved to be Inguinal Hernias which have since been fixed with her spay and require no further treatments.

Minnie has the most incredible nature and has so much to offer a family. She needs a home that is happy to continue to work reactivity in and out of the home. She needs a home with people who understand the breed(s) and how to deal with reactivity using redirection tactics. We know in the right home Minnie would be a fantastic addition to a family and welcome the correct applicants to apply for her. In all honestly she is incredibly easy if you can recognize her signals that she is unsure and act quickly to redirect her focus.

The rescue have a training plan in place for the new adopter to adhere to for Minnie and are happy to advise with ongoing support regarding her issues. We have already begun to see very positive changes in her behavior and the training is working, however it may revert upon entering a new environment so any new adopter will need to be aware of this.

Minnie will benefit from a home that is active; she loves to walk and when she’s regularly exercised her reactivity improves dramatically. A tired dog is a happy dog we always say. Over all Minnie has no major issues, she’s straightforward and uncomplicated and a real joy to have around, she has been no problem at all here in Rescue and we are keen to find her a family to love on her and kiss her back. Minnie is housebroken but may require reminding of this again in a new home, crate trained, non destructive in the home and happy to be left for reasonable durations of time.

Minnie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. She will leave with a lead, collar and harness.

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