One poison your dog is immune to, and you aren’t

And 5 steps to your dog's beautiful, rich coat

People often ask me what I do to keep Pax’s coat looking so beautiful. It is actually quite simple for most dogs:

1. Raw and sometimes cooked food
2. Filtered water, no plastic containers
3. FAB 4 essentials
(you automatically get 15% off if you bundle all four together)

Fab 4 dog supplements

4. Cleanse once every 6 months with LiverTune
5. Daily combing and a bath about once a month, or as needed

A dog's body and health can be compared to an organic garden. Providing nutrients, clean water and avoiding and eliminating toxins, works! I got the idea when I took Skai to Paris many years ago and we visited the veggie garden of Versailles. I know it sounds funny but the king needed veggies too and the gardens survived to this day! Here are some pictures from the trip in 2009.

Dogs in France

What can dogs teach us this time around?
2020 has been challenging for most of us. I said it before; I also have a hard time deciphering what is true and what is just made up nonsense or political propaganda.

There seems to be a big difference in how people feel and handle this pandemic crisis, and the line is not drawn on the basis of whether we are out of work or not. The main denominator appears to be how much news people watch!

From a very early age, many of us were taught that being up-to-date on what is happening around the world is important. Being "in touch" was presented as a sign of intellect or proof that we care.

But when we look closer, being on a constant infusion of negative news often leads to depression and despair. It seems the more news people watch, the less they are able to make a positive impact on the world. In other words, anxiety and depression are not exactly the best conditions for a happy life.   

Why do so many people fall for the delusion that binging on the news is a sign of intellect and that passive consumption of negativity will solve the world's problems? The real question we need to ask is: "How much is healthy and enough?"

Dog watching the news

I am not disputing that it is important to know, for example, about climate change, animal welfare, health, nutrition, and whatever else interests you. It is also useful to be aware of the socio-economic challenges our society is facing, so we can be proactive and help where we can.

But trying to watch too much and do too much usually leads to accomplishing less. It often makes us feel checked-out and helpless. Watching the news is like eating sugar or drinking alcohol. Small doses are harmless, but repeated and regular exposure is harmful.

My approach to watching the news is to "absorb it through osmosis" - from others, random articles, and posts. We need to stay
aware globally but focus on acting and making changes locally by doing and sharing what we love.

Perhaps this is one way to keep our spirits high during the madness of 2020, in addition to spending time with our beloved dogs. They know everything I just wrote about already 😉🐾🐶.

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