The 10 Dog Breeds That Shed The Least

Ovi – 3 year old male Cross-Breed

Please meet our gorgeous boy Ovi. Ovi is a lovely 3 year old male Cross-Breed. He is a very loving and affectionate boy who is not very demanding and is well behaved in and out of the home. Ovi is good with people, cats and dogs, and has settled really well in the home.

Ovi also loves his walks over fields where he can be let off the lead. He walks nicely on the lead and does not pull and is happy to meet other dogs too. He likes to have a little play with them and is very gentle with smaller dogs.

While Ovi has currently been in foster care, he has also helped one of our older puppies Pablo (formerly Shadow), that was homed a few weeks ago, to readjust to life and has been coaxing him out of his shell and showing him the good life! Ovi has been particularly good at playing with him and showing him how to go in and out of doorways, which has been particularly scary for Pablo and also that life can be fun!

It also has to be said that Ovi is a “Great Foodie” Yes he will eat anything and everything!” You name it, he will eat it! Obviously dog food, any, but also vegetables, salad etc! He’s not fussy. And he eats fast. So one of those special dog bowls with the moulded prongs will help him slow down. Having said that though, he does not beg for food while you eat your own dinner and he knows not to pester the other resident dog until she has finished and walked away, so he is very good like that. He does get very excited though when he knows its food time, but he does know he has to sit.

We do have to mention one thing about Ovi though, and that is he doesn’t like sudden, jerky surprises. And this comes in the shape of people suddenly coming into the house which he hasn’t heard, or say someone suddenly appearing out from no where on a walk. It just scares him. So this is why walking him in open fields is a good place, so you can see him and also who is about. And just making people aware to talk to you when they enter the house is fine. If they have food he can smell and gobble up, he is your best friend! You just have to be a bit more thoughtful and aware!

For this reason we would only home Ovi to an ‘Adult Only’ home. He was in foster with children before and he was fine with them, but we don’t want to put Ovi under any pressure, so just want to find him the right home. Ovi is still a young dog and could benefit from more on going training. However, he is very relaxed in the home. He does not chew, he is house trained and he chooses not to go up stairs and relaxes well in the day. He would love another doggy companion either to play with or just for company, so could easily be homed with another suitable doggy companion and he has totally ignored the neighbours cat!

By the way Ovi does have a lovely little “bob tail” and when he gets excited he wags his whole bum in a super fast shimmer shake! Adorable!

Ovi is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Ovi is currently in foster in Waltham Abbey, Essex, near J26 of M25. We are looking to home him preferably in or around this area but possibly further afield for the right home.

If you feel you can offer Ovi a wonderful forever home, please contact Jackie on 0785 760 4365 for a chat and also fill out an Adoption Form as fully as possible with all your details.

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