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Oxo – 8-10 year old male Whippet Cross

Oxo is an 8-10 year old male Whippet Cross. Poor Oxo arrived in the pound a really sorry state and the poor guy is completely blind, however he can do anything a sighted dog can do and it doesn’t hold him back in life at all, he has become a firm favourite to everyone that meets him as he is so happy and full of love, and so able to adapt to new surroundings! We estimate Oxo to be between 8-10 years old and a Whippet cross.

Oxo is completely blind; he was likely born with detached retinas and there is no correction for this and it won’t need any further treatment. Oxo is extremely responsive to your voice and a clever lad, he soon learns what’s where and has even started to play with some of the dogs. He may be more difficult in the beginning than sighted dogs, but he will be so rewarding to whoever adopts him, he loves to kiss and snuggle with you! in fact, he insists on it!!

Oxo walks beautifully on the lead; he is a total pleasure to have and remains very close to your leg for guidance. He loves to run off lead in an enclosed field and always knows where everyone is, he is amazing!

Oxo is a real couch potato of a dog, he is very quiet and obedient, he would love a family to play with him and keep him occupied, he loves a walk and loves to greet everyone he meets! Oxo is impeccably well behaved, he is house trained and non destructive – happy to be left snoozing on the sofa by himself, absolutely adores other dogs so could live with another dog, we will consider homes without other dogs if someone is around a lot to keep him company.

Oxo cannot be housed with cats or small furries, he may be blind but he knows where they are and will go out of his way to investigate them.

Oxo is a gorgeous happy, active lad that so desperately needs a forever home and family to grow up with.

Oxo is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped de flead and wormed.

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