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Shelter Pups Put Smiles On The Faces Of Lonely Seniors

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The effects of the current pandemic have affected everyone, but especially those that have been unable to exit quarantine due to health concerns. With so many seniors at Pruitt Health currently entering their fourth month of quarantine, a few special visitors were able to offer some extra joy!

A dog’s presence can put a smile on just about anyone’s face. The Lifeline Animal Project wanted to offer their support through the company of some special furry friends to those living in medical centers and retirement homes during COVID.

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Three Lifeline shelter pups and their caretakers made their way to the Pruitt Health facility to say hello to the current residents. Though they were not allowed to enter the building, they made sure to bring the canine love right to their window.

The team at Lifeline Animal Project went window to window with the shelter pups to give each resident a chance to say hello. The pups were more than excited to meet a few new friends, and the smiles on the resident’s faces spoke volumes!

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“We were thrilled to see the residents’ faces light up when shelter dogs appeared at their windows and were so glad to help bring a little joy to these pups and people.”

Lifeline Animal Project is responsible for so many incredible projects throughout the animal rescue community. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the Lifeline Animal Project manages both the Fulton County Animal Services and the DeKalb County Animal Services shelter to help as many animals and pet parents as possible.

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Their mission is not only to improve the lives of animals in their community but to offer as many opportunities as possible to keep animals and their families together. By offering discounted or free vet care, aid in medical emergencies, and countless other projects, Lifeline has been able to change the lives of so many.

By implementing affordable vet care, programs that support dogs with special needs, and offering financial support to pet parents that are struggling; this project has become a staple in the animal-loving community. Lifeline Animal Project is truly a lifeline for those that love animals, and we are so thrilled to see an organization that is doing so much incredible work.

lifeline project

Whether they are bringing their adoptable pups to retirement homes or hosting an event that offers free cat and dog food, this project is always finding a new way to help animals and people!

Image Source: LifelineAnimal/Facebook

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