Wendy – 7 month old female Brittany Spaniel Cross

Wendy is a 7 month old female Brittany Spaniel Cross. She is currently in a shelter in Spain until she has a home to go to. This puppy is a little beauty. She has a beautiful coat of different shades of brown and one blue eye. She currently weighs 8kg and we estimate her adult weight to be around 12kg.

Wendy has a sweet gentle character. She gets along well with other dogs, loves to play with them and enjoys having cuddles in her foster home.

This is her story: She was found in the countryside, abandoned, at 2 months old. The woman that found her took her in for 3 months, but then found she was not able to give her enough attention so contacted the rescue.

Wendy has some separation anxiety so we think he’d do best in a home with another dog so that he has constant company, and with a couple, who have plenty of time to spend with her. Brittany’s are energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. She will need full training, so we need someone who is prepared to put in a lot of time doing this. She may be suitable for flyball or agility when he is older.

Wendy will need a lot of socialisation with as many adults, children as possible. She needs to become used to a wide range of events, environments and situations.

The Brittany is a breed of gun dog bred primarily for bird hunting. Although it is often referred to as the Brittany Spaniel, the breed’s working characteristics are more akin to those of a pointer or setter than a spaniel.

We have been told that she is very good with children, so we can home her with dog savvy children over 6 years old. We understand she is good with cats, but will need to see videos of this if she is to be homed with them. She is neutered, vaccinated, blood tested, microchipped, and has a passport.

All our Spanish dogs travel from Southern Spain to the UK on DEFRA approved transport to your door. Homecheck and adoption fees apply.

If you would like to welcome this beautiful girl into your family please get in touch.

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