How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Pop Art

Zeus – 2 year old male American Bulldog

Zeus is a 2 year old male American Bulldog. He is another stunning boy looking for a home. She is a real sweetheart who is great with people and lived with children 3+. He is looking for a new home as every so often he and his big sister have arguments and his family want to stop this happening.

He’s fine with some other dogs out and about but will be unhappy with some. He is best suited as the only pet. He will make a great addition to a family and is fine to be left for reasonable periods in his crate which is where he sleeps. He pulls for a few minutes on his lead but then settles. He travels well in the car.

He can be a bit nervous and spent a while jumping everytime the paddling pool on the garden moved. He’s a sweet and snuggly boy. He is not neutered but we will be getting this done as part of the adoption. His family are getting his booster done and he is chipped. He’s in Worksop.

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