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7 top holistic healing articles & videos of 2020

The best of 2020 (so far...) to keep your dog healthy 🐢πŸ’ͺ

2020 has certainly thrown us a few curveballs, and despite everything going on, I hold onto the saying: "It may be bad, it may be good, only the future will tell". I wrote about the idea that even seemingly bad things may be a trigger for positive change, and we may need to hold on to this idea in order to pull through this challenging period.

The other “tool” I love, is to envision what the future world will look like, and what role we will play in it. This morning I was on my bike thinking about what the future would look like for me, and I came up with my definition of life, my vision:

“Thriving by making a difference in the lives of dogs and their people.”

The practical side of my vision has many different aspects and angles and can be as simple as sharing what I have learned, without charging anything for the information. (I really didn’t like the financial part of veterinary practice, even though it is necessary.)

Today, I have decided to share some of our most popular newsletters, blogs, videos, and live sessions published this year. Perhaps you were busy and missed some of them, and having them all in one place can definitely be handy.  

My thanks go to Jen, my team member, and ally who helped organize them for this newsletter. Some people are surprised that I write every single newsletter, and to be honest when I see how much I have written and how many blogs there are on our website — I am surprised too! πŸ˜‚ It just doesn’t feel like work. That may be it!

Anyhow, here are the Top 7 articles and videos of 2020, plus a few extra new things. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!

​​Top 7 new articles of 2020
dog diarrhea
The holistic approach to treating diarrhea in dogs
Are you concerned about your dog's diarrhea and wondering what to do, how long it will last, and the major causes? Get answers to all of your dog digestive questions in this complete guide to dog diarrhea, IBS, leaky gut, and more.
stinky dog problems
A complete guide to stinky “wet dog” problems
Is there a dog in your life that has that familiar, yeasty, musty, or “wet dog” smell? Then there is a good chance that you will be able to solve the issue by taking the steps recommended in this blog.
caring for dogs naturally
How the love for your dog can transform the world, seriously!
    The love for our dogs can have a profound impact on not only our dog's health but our own wellbeing, and the health of our planet. Curious how?
    Best vet near me
    Searching for the “best vet” near me?
    Finding a vet you trust with your best friend’s life is a difficult task, and it’s easy to make the wrong decision. Here are some tips on how to make the right choice and keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.  
    boost your immunity
    How to make your and your dog's immune system "Bad Ass”
    Here's your Immunity Boost Checklist for people and dogs. What can you do to make your immune system stronger? Why does a vegetable-based diet make the immune system stronger? What most articles on COVID-19 forget to mention.
    good for the environment
    What puppy shots and Covid-19 quarantine rules have in common
    These days all of us just want to be safe and stay healthy, but at what cost? Read what puppy shots and pandemic rules have in common, and why I have little tolerance for medical BS.
    healthy treats for dogs
    Some good news for a change!
    Three pieces of really good news that you don’t want to miss, plus a recipe for a healthy treat you can share with your pup!


    New products and tools
    LiverTune detox and cleanse for dogs This year, we have launched LiverTune - our detox and liver cleanse for dogs.

    Natural flea and tick control for dogs
    We have also re-launched FleaHex and TickHex - our all-natural and guaranteed flea and tick control for dogs.
    eco-sleeves packaging saves environment
    We did it! Take a look at our eco-sleeves, and see how they are protecting your dog’s supplements and the environment.
    recipes for homemade dog food Recipe Maker - Create a healthy wholesome raw or cooked food recipe for your dog. You asked and we heard you. You can now feed your dog natural food without worrying if they are getting everything needed to be healthy.
    perfect fit harness for dogs
    Harness Sizing Tool - A big project to ensure that your dog’s health will be protected by a Perfect Fit Harness and Gentle Leash. Collar injuries are real, this is why we have put so much effort into making harness fitting for your dog easy!


    Top 7 facebook live videos
    holistic approach to dental care in dogs Why do dogs have bad breath?
          A Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth
    holistic approach to ear infections for dogs
    A natural approach
    natural dog healing
    herbs and detox for dogs Herbs for dogs: Detox and longevity
    Mobility, arthritis and injuries in dogs
    Complete guide to mobility,
    arthritis, and injuries in dogs
    happy people have healthier dogs
    human health and nutrition
    Human food and longevity


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