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Doc – 6 month old male Spanish Greyhound (Galgos)

Doc is a 6 month old male Spanish Greyhound (Galgos). He is a lush little puppy Galgo with a black, shiny, short coat and a kind, gentle personality. Doc likes all dogs and tries to join in play but he is so gentle he finds it easier to stand on the sidelines watching! He is affectionate and sometimes a little timid but would make a lovely companion to an equally quiet and calm dog.

Doc has grown since he’s been in the UK and he is taller than a whippet now but we think he will grow to normal small greyhound height. He can live in a house with older children (over 12 yrs) , as young ones will frighten him. He can only be homed to a family with another dog. We don’t think he will like living with a cat.

Foster Report: Doc is a delicate flower, who had a bad start to life. He was the runt of his litter and was found in Spain covered in ticks and fleas. When he arrived with us in Stratford on Avon, he was petrified and would hide behind our sofa. Thankfully, Doc is very dog-friendly and so he has gained confidence and benefitted from being with our other foster dogs and for that reason Doc cannot be homed as an only dog.

Doc lacks confidence and tends to shy away from people but when he knows you, he is the most loving boy and will happily snuggle up with you. Doc is wary of traffic, but this has improved over the time we have had him. He loves to go for walks and likes to be at the front. He enjoys meeting other dogs and gets very excited.

Doc has finally got control over his limbs as when he first arrived, he looked like Bambi on ice. He is quick and loves to run around after the other dogs. He has a lovely gait and looks so graceful when he is walking. Current location is in a foster home in Stratford on Avon West Midlands.

Doc will cry initially when he knows you are in the next room, but he can be left if he is with the other dogs. Doc is very food motivated and tends to wolf his food down, but lots of puppies do that. Doc is a vibrant, lovely boy.

Unfortunately, he does not show himself well because he is so shy, but he gains confidence around other dogs and food. Doc needs patience and time and he will show you what a fantastic boy he is.

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