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Travis – 3 month old male Spanish Mastin

Travis is a 3 month old male Spanish Mastin. This little beauty is a baby Spanish Mastin lad with a tan and white, soft, mid-length coat. He is very handsome gorgeous boy, loves puppy play time and gets on really well with his siblings.

He has typical Mastin traits and very cuddly and alert. He will grow to be a large boy. He would like a play mate we think. He can travel on the 28th December. Beautiful example of this stunning breed. Typical puppy loves everything and into everything !

Foster Report: He loves it here with all the other dogs and he makes us laugh some of the things he gets into. The other day he had his head stuck in a bucket!

Current location is in a foster in Spain can travel to the UK end of December.

Adoption Fee : £545 – to be paid direct to the Spanish rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account.

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